Photo courtesy of  Alex Bradley

Photo courtesy of Alex Bradley

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"Arguably the modern day’s most prolific new art form, gaming needs a critical language through which players can discuss their experiences. Similarly, it needs a language that allows people who don’t play videogames to gain an appreciation for the form, just as other genres have in the past. Just as we have always had literary critics, music critics, and film critics, the prevalence of videogames in modern culture is starting to get people to realise just how important it is that we start paying serious attention to videogame critics too."


"Luckily change is afoot. While there have always been some willing to apply critical thinking to the deserving form, it seems a whole new generation of writers and thinkers have grown up and now want to give videogames the same robust treatment normally reserved for literature, film and art theory."


This Greedy Pig

"Critical Hits is an anthology of essays on indie gaming culture, pitched at a time when the first mass-produced console owners are able to settle in for a gaming session with their progeny. With gaming culture now embedded in modern society the space for more analytical, academic and emotional responses to its influence has widened, and Berlin-based editor Zoë Jellicoe was keen to find a diverse range of voices within independent gaming journalism to represent this."